General Instructions :
1. Only JPG/JPEG files are allowed.
2. Photograph (Must be passport size with school uniform only) with maximum size of 100KB.
3. It is mandatory for all the short-listed candidates to appear for all selection processes (essay writing, panel interview, etc). The candidature will get disqualified in case of any incomplete processes.
4. Two years of schooling in DPS Nacharam is mandatory.
5. No retest students of annual examination are eligible to file their nominations.
6. For class 12 students, eligibility is relaxed to one year of schooling at DPS Nacharam for the following posts:
    a) House Captains
    b) DPS Chargers
    c) DPS Green Crusaders
    d) Selected posts (only after filing nominations or as per school norms)
7. Student must write manifesto and values in detail as marks are alloted for the same.
8. Failing to complete/ meet any of the above criteria will automatically cancel the nomination.
The nominations to following posts of students council is extended to 8:00am, tomorrow, 18th April 2018:
    1. Class 12:
        a) Topaz house captain(girl)
        b) Literary secretary (boy)
    2. Class 11:
        a) Deputy discipline incharge (boy)
        b) Topaz vice captain (boy)
        c) Deputy literary secretary (boy)
        d) Ruby vice captain (boy)
        e) sapphire vice captain (boy)
        f) sapphire vice captain (girl)
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Student Name
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Overall Grade
Promoted without any retest
Held any post as Student Council Member
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Any disciplinary issues
Involvement in organizing any major school activity
If yes, Specify
Participation in Community service
If yes, specify
Number of years in DPS, Nacharam
Two values you would exhibit and propagate as a leader :
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Give 5 points you would give importance to in your Manifesto :
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